Adventure Works River Scavenger Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt on the Cumberland River with River Queen Voyages and Adventureworks

Kayaking isn’t all fun and games (I mean, it’s mostly fun & games).

But Adventureworks is adding Team Building to the fun of kayaking!

Adventureworks is a fantastic company with a mission of fun, adventure and connection! Along with their intricate adventure parks, they accomplish this through a Team Building Program!

They foster this experience through Escape Games, Survival Games & Scavenger Hunts!

If you follow River Queen Voyages on instagram, then you know one of our passions is mental health, self-care, and embracing the human experience!

We love getting to work with other businesses that have a similar mission and work together to bring our shared values into action!

The Team Building Scavenger Hunt takes place along the Cumberland River from Shelby Bottoms to Downtown Nashville (Our Skyline Tour)

This scavenger hunt includes:

  • Trivia

  • 1.5 Hour Kayaking Trip

  • Phone Dry Bags!

  • New Nashville Knowledge

  • Cumberland River Landmarks

  • Pictures to Document and WIN it all!

Learn fun facts about Nashville, bond with your team, and have a grand ole time while gathering answers to trivia questions, solving riddles, and capturing hysterical photos of your team in action!

Learn more and buy your tickets from Adventureworks !

VISIT MUSIC CITY - Adventureworks and RQV Scavenger Hunt Collaboration!

Visit Music City has some gossip about us…and it’s all true! We’ve partnered up with Adventureworks to offer The Kayak Quest- a scavenger hunt via kayak. Sound fun? It is. Read more about it on the Adventureworks website.


We love this list from Notes on Nashville on all of the awesome activities to check out in Nashville and the surrounding area…and not just because we’re on it. Click here to read the full post.

Nashville Like A Local: The Guide to Music City Beyond Broadway

IMG_7077 2.jpg

I have lived for Nashville for 5 years, and just last night found myself on the Broadway strip playing Frogger at the downtown beercade, HQ. I had a blast, but hadn’t been there in months.

Broadway doesn’t necessarily get old, but I don’t find myself there very often because of the endless bars, neighborhoods and activities found beyond it. If you’re in Nashville for a few days, it’s mandatory to hit the strip.

But I also think it’s important to see how much the city has to offer aside from the Honky Tonks. Here is your guide to seeing Nashville as a local (organized by Neighborhood, sub-organized by activity).

East Nashville

East Nashville is just across the bridge and has a generally calm vibe. Instead of apartment complexes, this neighborhood is filled with homes and yards. The Center of East Nashville is the 5 Points - a 5 way intersection where each street that stems from it has food, drinks, coffee or retail. Everything on this list is within walking distance of each other! You can start your day in the morning and be entertained throughout the night without having to order another Uber.


Pearl Diver - tiki themed food and drink! The Yuca fries and Egg Rolls are the ultimate day-drinking sustenance while the Paloma’s are the ultimate day drink! They also host a monthly Treat Yo Self Sunday summer series along side River Queen Voyages - feat. the aforementioned Yuca Fries, Palomas AND a real Live Mermaid!


Bongo East - Hundreds of board games, unique speciality coffee drinks, great food (meals & muffins)


Fanny’s House of Music - vintage clothing, vintage instruments, next to a hot dog stand


Midtown is where the locals go to be Broadway sloppy. There is a strip of bars on Division that is perfect for hopping. If you get bored, just go next door. What i find most responsible about Midtown is that for every bar you find, there’s a restaurant and fantastic food to match. Midtown stretches as far as Vanderbilt and has some beautiful scenery to offer along with the many opportunities to get trashed.


Kung Fu Saloon - the hub of millennial trash (in a fun way) , teeter totters, massive Jenga, ping pong, ski ball


Caviar & Bananas - cafeteria style, great coffee, outdoor seating, full menu with bagels, sandwiches & salads


Two Boots Pizza - New York Style, by the slice or full pies, open until 3am aka the perfect drunk snack


Centennial Park - beautiful pond, parthenon replica with an art gallery inside, over a mile loop

12 South

12 South is where you can find past, present and future contestant for the Bachelor and Bachelorette. It’s often busiest during the day and has 3 different murals to take pictures with. It’s a great place to take a break from partying and enjoy the (often) beautiful Nashville weather with a snack, some nice walking, or a shopping break in one of the many retail stores (including Reese Witherspoon’s store, Draper James).


Mafiozas - two-for-one every Tuesday and Sunday, pizza by the slice, great outdoor seating


Portland Brew - the staff is nice and awesome, fantastic coffee from the PNW, cool art, great bagels


Edley’s BBQ - my personal favorite BBQ in Nashviile, lots of sides, insane BBQ Nachos


Sevier Park - mile loop, great to grab a coffee or a snack and enjoy it in the park, playground for kids

These are my favorite neighborhoods outside of Downtown and definitely all worth an extra Uber ride to explore what life is actually like when you live in Nashville.

There’s so much more I wasn’t able to fit in, to explore more of Nashvile, check out, Nashville Guru. It’s a website that breaks down every single activity, bar, concert, restaurant etc that can be found throughout Nashville on any given day.

But if you MUST get downtown (which you should! It’s fantastic and has put Nashville on the map for a reason) you might as well be floating down the Cumberland River with River Queen Voyages! Enjoy the skyline and relax before you take on Broadway!

How To: Plan A Group Outing

I’m not sure where the disintegration of planning began. Perhaps it was the creation of the group chat via iMessage? Or earlier in AIM Chat rooms? Or maybe as prehistoric as the “Three-Way Call”? Wherever it started, it has lasted. You love your friends and all you want to do is live the American Dream of getting to hang out with all of them at the same time. But how are you supposed to do that when some people prefer night events and some people prefer day events and some people are gluten free and some people are just the worst? River Queen Voyages Kayaking Team is here to help you ease the stress of getting your crew together. Whether it’s for a Bachelorette Party, Birthday Party, or you’re all FINALLY off on the same day! Here are the best Group Outings in Nashville, TN.

Monell’s - Friends are the family that you got to choose! What better way to celebrate that family, than with the most famous Family-Style dinner in Nashville. The tables can seat up to 20 people, and it’s all you can eat if classic Southern dishes such as fried chicken, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese & cole slaw. What I love about this meal is that not only is the food Souther, but so is the attitude. There is no rush at Monell’s and you and your friend can talk over massive plates of food for as long as you’d like.

Nashville Pedal Tavern - The best part about a night out is the pregame, and Nashville Pedal Tavern is the best way to pregame for multiple reasons:

1. You will not hit the point of the pregame where you end up just staying at home.

2. Not only is the music entertaining, but so are the drivers.

3. It is the only time you will ever enjoy traffic because you get to drink and enjoy the beautiful view of Downtown Broadway for just a bit longer.

You drink, you pedal, you dance AND you can fit up to 16 of your friends on one bike!

River Queen Voyages - The Original Nashville Kayak Experience! Enjoy the views, the weather, and your friends along the Cumberland River. Kayaking is a great way to spend time with your friends without the risk of losing them at a bar, or not being able to hear them over the Honky Tonk music. You can enjoy the scenic downtown, or the nature of East Nashville. If you come on the right weekend, you can also hang out with us after your trip and enjoy local Nashville food, drink & music!

Whether your kayaking, pedaling, or just eating, time with your friends is crucial. Here are just a few ways you can create awesome memories with your favorite people in Nashville. For more ideas, you can visit Nashville Guru.