Local Business Queens: Scout's Barbershop & Hot Yoga East Nashville

Meet Brooke

She’s the co-owner of Scout’s Barbershop and Hot Yoga East!

We heard about her through Girls Gone Mild (a fantastic group of Nashville Women that explore Nashville and the many amazing businesses and events within it).

She’s donated a Hot Yoga East gift certificate to one of our Swag Bags, and many Scout’s Barbershop Sunglasses for all of our swag bags!

Scout’s is a walk-in friendly barbershop that was the first Unisex walk-in Barbershop in Nashville!

Along with fantastic haircuts you also get a complimentary drink the moment you arrive -

You can choose between Little Harpeth Beer or Cold Brew from Honest Coffee Roasters.

Hot Yoga East offers Hot Yoga classes to help sooth your body & soul 7 days a week!

Owning two businesses might be enough for most people - or way more than enough!

But she doesn’t stop there!

Haircuts for Humans

Brooke & Luke Dick (of Republican Hair) partnered up with the Martha O’Brien Center to create Haircuts for Humans - an initiative to give haircuts to the homeless. Brooke as spent time offering pop-ups haircuts for the homeless. You can still donate to Haircuts for Humans on Scout’s Website or when you’re in there for a Haircut!

We’re so grateful for what Brooke brings to Nashville as a local business, and for her contribution to our Treat Yo Self Sunday Swag Bag!