Local Business Queens: Gold + ivy

One of our favorite parts of Treat Yo Self Sunday is getting to collaborate with other local businesses in the Greater Nashville area!
What’s very cool, is that most of these businesses are ALSO owned by amazing women entrepreneurs!

We’re spotlighting every business that we get to collaborate with as we head towards the end of the season, and into our FINAL Treat Yo Self Sunday event!

Gold + Ivy by Alexis

Alexis is a candle FANATIC - as are so many of us at River Queen Voyages!

But she doesn't just want her candles to smell good - she wants them to BE good.

Gold + Ivy candles are made from all natural ingredient such as:

soy wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate free oils.

She makes every candle by hand in her home studio.

When I reached out to Alexis she immediately donated a candle for each Treat Yo Self swag bag that we raffle off every event!

I picked up the candle from her home/her studio/her office.

The candles smell so good.

I have definitely been so tempted to light one on a Wednesday night while I’m watching Gilmore Girls and drinking some Red Wine - don’t worry! I haven’t! Every candle in our Treat Yo Self swag bag has been unlit!(Full disclosure: they have not been unsmelled).

You can STILL WIN a Lemongrass scented Gold + Ivy candle in our swag bag at our final Treat Yo Self Sunday event on October 6th! With your purchase of The Dive or Full Shebang ticket, you get one raffle ticket towards the Swag Bag Raffle!

Being that I can’t win this candle due to “ethics”

I’ve decided to buy my own for the fall! (I’m more of a fall candle person anyways).

The summer candles featured in our Treat Yo Self swag bags are white and in a clear glass vase with gorgeous cursive on it - very light! Very fun for summer & spring!

The fall candles that I’m buying are in a darker, copper toned glass that definitely fits into the spooky vibes I'd like to harness this season!

I’m buying the Bourbon Apple Cider & Fallen Leaves candles - only $14 each for all natural, home made candles! Such a steal - have you been to Urban Outfitters? It’s $22 for a prosthetic candle.

(I still love UO, no hate, just perspective).

So if you’re into spookiness or just bitter about how you rarely win things - hit up those Fall scents!

We love Gold + Ivy! ! e love how passionate Alexis is about candles! And we LOVE that she began & runs her own business - just like we do here at River Queen Voyages! Business Queens gotta stick together.

Check out Gold + Ivy and hit up Alexis for any questions or order on her website!