Local Business Queens: Grab the Gold bar

It’s No Coincidence We’re Working with Grab The Gold

Incase you don’t know - I’m Pepper!

Nice to meet you! If you’ve called us during the week or being to our Treat Yo Self Sunday you have DEFINITELY met me!

I’m our Event Director, Customer Service Rep & Partnership Coordinator!

When Annie & I started planning Treat Yo Self Sundays and decided we wanted to collaborate with local businesses, one of the first ones to come to mind was Grab The Gold.


Grab the Gold fueled my mind & body throughout college.

Every Tuesday & Thursday I had classes that either started at 8am or 9am, and I’d go until 2 or 3pm. The only thing that got me out of the bed and into the glorious doors of Belmont University that early - when it was snowing, or 100 degrees outside, or parking was horrible, or I was really hungover - was getting a Hot Hazelnut Coffee with my Grab the Gold bar at the campus convenience store.

Not only was it difficult to find a minute to grab food within that 5 hour chunk of classes BUT ALSO

I was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy when I got to college *eye roll @myself* which meant I couldn’t eat sandwiches or chick fil a aka my main options unless I wanted to get a “salad” (no thank you).

But then there was Grab the Gold.

  • It tastes SO GOOD (extra good with coffee. Like almost overwhelmingly good with coffee; hot or cold).

  • It’s really really filling! It has 11g of protein and 7g of Fiber


  • I’m not gunna specify the calories because calories are good for you and are energy and I am so sick of society acting like we shouldn’t have any in our body

  • but if you’re wondering about the calories it’s like exactly what you should have for a smaller breakfast, or medium sized snack to keep your energy up during the day

Let’s Talk About Danielle!

It was honestly a beautiful accident that most of the businesses we work with are founded by women - just like us!

Danielle started making Grab the Gold bars in her kitchen when she was 16 years old!

Although this original kitchen was in New Orleans, she moved the business to Nashville almost 20 years ago.

I reached out to Grab the Gold during the initial planning of Treat Yo Self Sunday and their Office Manager, Brooke, was a delight to work with and donated around 20 bars!

What did we do with these bars?

They are part of our Swag Bag!

How do I get these bars?

if you buy a ticket to our Treat Yo Self Sunday event on October 6th, you automatically get a raffle ticket for the Swag Bag! You can buy more raffles tickets when you get there for $1 each!

Our swag bags are meant to thank you for supporting River Queen Voyages, as well as highlight the AMAZING local businesses we have in Nashville, TN!

Make sure to get some Grab the Gold bars at any grocery store near you!