Nashville Kayaking Drowned by NFL Draft

…ok we’re being a little dramatic. But we do happen to be in the ranks of those who are taking a hit from the NFL Draft, which is slated to take place in Downtown Nashville. Much like our beloved cherry trees, one of our major points of operation along the Cumberland River happens to be in the path of this massive production.

Unfortunately, due to the city of Nashville’s restrictions, we’re unable to run our Skyline paddle (our downtown and most popular route) from April 15 - May 5, 2019. We’re beyond bummed that this oversight from the city of Nashville and the NFL will have such a negative impact on so many Nashville-based small businesses like us.

But here at RQV we try to go with the flow. So, we're going to try something out- KAYAKING ON THE STONES RIVER! Our team has checked it out (we love a company field trip!) and given it 5 stars.

We're excited for this Hail Mary. Hopefully it'll help keep us afloat during this "time out" and maybe y'all will love it so much we'll keep it on the roster. Only time will tell!

Go book a kayak for a paddle on the Stones River or a 2hr Cumberland River Greenway paddle now.

Update 4/22/19:

Read more about this issue on the Nashville Scene website, and how Visit Music City is working with us during this period of disruption.