Uniquely Nashville Gift Guide: Gift-worthy Experiences for Valentine's and Beyond

***Updated for Mother’s Day***

They say giving is better than receiving, and we totally agree! But as we all know, sometimes the quest for the perfect gift for your loved ones can easily turn into a stressful race against the clock. There are few things that the River Queen Voyages team loathes more than stress, so we’re here to help you out! After all, bringing the calm is what we do best. We’ve compiled a quick list of some lovely and “uniquely Nashville” gifts and experiences that will surely bring a smile to any lucky person on the receiving end. And hey, maybe get something nice for yourself too? You deserve it.

Personalized Pampering at Lemon Laine

Located just a stone’s throw from one of our launch hub in Shelby Park, this locally-owned East Nashville wellness haven might just be the happiest store in the 615. A wave of calm will wash over you the moment you cross the threshold into this warm and refreshing store. Though you will find a multitude of exquisite gift options- like locally owned and produced Clary Collection balms- our official pick is an appointment at the oil bar! Book an afternoon for two and spend time relaxing amongst happy wallpaper and greenery, while getting a mix of the perfect oil blend, customized to each individual. We feel so fresh and so clean, clean just thinking about it!

Get Cultured at The Frist

📸 Rachel Treide via Facebook

📸 Rachel Treide via Facebook

We are so lucky to live in a city with such an energetic arts scene (or as Vice describes it, a “thriving weirdo art scene”…?). Though Nashville is of course known primarily as Music City, just a few blocks up from Broadway’s Honky Tonks sits a truly stunning cultural gem celebrating visual creations- the Frist Art Museum. With events like Frist Fridays, frequently rotating exhibits, and the extremely entertaining Martin ArtQuest Gallery, a membership to this groundbreaking institution goes a long way. So, give a gift that truly keeps on giving with a year-long membership to the First Art Museum!

Rollin’ on the River with River Queen Voyages

If your mother figure is a fan of happiness, casual fitness, gorgeous views, fun, and/or mother nature, then one of our kayak rental packages will be a game-changing gift. If your loved one isn’t into any of these things, they might just need this kayaking package more than anyone. Friends don’t let friends dislike all of the good things in life. Neither do loved ones. Honestly, not even casual acquaintances should allow such a transgression! Though Nashville is certainly known for its hot chicken, whiskey, and country music, we are also lucky to have stunning natural scenery. There are few better ways to experience it than by kayaking on the Cumberland River- and a River Queen Voyages package makes it easy! Add a little light to someone’s life by getting them outside, and on the water with us.

See How the Chocolate’s Made at Olive & Sinclair

(No Golden Ticket Required)

This experience is sweet (pun intended), and the only one of its kind in TN! Based in East Nashville, Olive & Sinclair is a beloved purveyor of candies and chocolates. Though you can purchase their confections at a myriad of shops around town, there is absolutely nothing like visiting their factory. Nestled in the Lockeland Springs neighborhood, this cozy production hub offers samples of each product, and a kind, helpful staff. We overwhelmingly recommend buying a box of their delicious brittles, and an assortment of chocolate bars, but don’t stop there! Be a gift-giving superstar by pre-gaming your sweet surprise with a tour of the factory.