The Nashville "Get Outside Guide" - Winter Edition


It’s hard to fight the inclination to hibernate whenever the temperatures start to dip. Why go outside and shiver under overcast skies, when you could watch not one, but TWO documentaries on the same subject? Or maybe you’ve caught the KonMari bug, so you must stay inside to decide what sparks joy. Though the whole RQV team definitely supports some Netflix-binging and meditative “me time”, we will always advocate for getting outside. Study, after study, after viral BuzzFeed article notes all of the incredible benefits of the great outdoors- from lowering blood pressure, to reducing symptoms of depression. In short, we’re big fans of Mother Nature, in Nashville and beyond! And even though the Cumberland River is an ice bath at the moment, there are still a number of things you can do to step out into the fresh air and reap all of nature’s benefits. Take a peek at our list below, then lace up your shoes, and step outside!

  1. Take a Walk Through Shelby Park!

    Of course this is our #1 go-to activity. Most of the River Queen gang lives in East Nashville, and Shelby Park happens to be a hub for our kayaking trips on the Cumberland. Suffice it to say, we are all a little bit in love with the Shelby Bottoms Greenway. And can you blame us? From the Nature Center, to the trails, the dog-park, and beyond, this bucolic respite from Music City’s bustle is a little slice of paradise! So, we highly recommend bundling up and grabbing friend to walk the trails. Plus, as Thrillist details, you might just spot the famous, but evasive, golden pheasent

  2. Help Give Christmas Trees a Second Life at Radnor Lake

    Radnor Lake is another RQV team favorite for outdoor excursions any time of year. So, why not enjoy the beautiful scenery while volunteering your time to keep it beautiful? With Radnor Lake’s “Trees to Trails” program, Middle Tennessee / Nashville residents are donating their old Christmas trees to be turned into mulch for the trails. But the mulch needs spreading! There are some designated mulch-spreading weekends, but you can also schedule to bring a volunteer group through March.

  3. Explore What’s in Bloom at Cheekwood

    The Holiday LIGHTS may be over, but Cheekwood is still bustling! Snag a guided tour of the Arboretum, and enjoy a peaceful walk through 55 acres of garden. There is plenty to see, even in Winter!

  4. Get Wild at the Zoo!

    Winter is a great time to visit the Nashville Zoo. Not only is it less busy, but you get a better chance to see those animals that thrive in cooler temperatures! Don’t want to take your chances with what critters you might see? You can reach out to the Zoo in advance to see who might be tucked away, and who might be thriving in the chilly air.

So, there it is! 4 outdoorsy things that you can do in Nashville during the cooler Winter months. We know, we also miss kayaking the Cumberland. Never fear- we start back up again in March/April, and we will start taking reservations soon! Till then, stay in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook, and our mailing list.