4 Reasons We're Already Loving 2019 (Even Though We Can't Kayak in Nashville Right Now)


We might still be accidentally writing “2018” on everything, but we are, in fact, a few weeks into 2019…and we must say, we’re already digging it. Though we miss being out kayaking on the good ol’ Cumberland River, and soaking in the Nashville sun, the off-season has been good to us! Here are a few reasons we are already loving 2018 (ugh, we’ll get the hang of this by March) 2019*!

1. We’re Fixin’ to Touch the Sky

You know Music City is the place to be for budding rockstars, but did you know that Nashville is an amazing place for entrepreneurs as well? Just a stone’s throw from Broadway’s neon glow, the Nashville Entrepreneur Center is helping to nurture this growing population with its programs, workspaces, and mentors. We are over the moon to have been accepted into this round of the EC’s InFlight Program to help bring you some more River Queen awesomeness in 2019! Ok, so technically this started in 2018, but we’re really getting in the groove in the new year. Weekly meetings, mentors, resources- oh my! We’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on, so stay tuned.

2. You Showed Up for Us

If you’ve been following our socials, then you’ve heard about the TWRA’s new bill proposal. This bill would mean bad news for us, and other small outfitters like us. We threw up the bat signal and asked you all to help us fight this proposal before the open comment period ended (01/11/19), and you answered the call. While this is an ongoing battle, and we don’t yet have a resolution, we are still so grateful for those of you who helped fight for us. We love our #RiverTeam!

3. Nashville Pedal Tavern Likes Us, They Really Like Us!

If you didn’t know, Pedal Taverns are all the rage in Nashville. Like, did you even have your Bachelor[ette] Party in Nashville if you didn’t rent a Pedal Tavern??? So, we totally couldn’t stop blushing when we saw that Nashville Pedal Tavern put us on their 2019 Nashville Bucket List!

River Queen Voyages speaks the Nashville Pedal Tavern language- dedicated to providing truly amazing experiences in Nashville. You’ll get some exercise and vitamin D while meeting fellow paddlers on the Cumberland River…

Read their full list here.

4. We’re Scheming for the Season!

Though we aren’t slinging kayaks right now, the work doesn’t stop in the off-season. It’s just less sweaty! From new merch and special events, to more booking options and extended routes, now is the time we get everything in order before our boats dive into the Cumberland River. We’re having tons of fun dreaming up big kayaking parties and designing branded…everything. So, if you’ve ever had an idea or a request for something you’d like us to add, improve, or change completely, now is the time to let us know! (Or, you could just reach out to chat…we miss talking to you all!)